April 20, 2024

How Beneficial Is A Facial Recognition System?

In the contemporary world, facial recognition systems with a face recognition camera are in the spotlight. Previous bad occurrences made many businesses and government agencies to invest in this technology. In spite of a few drawbacks, these systems are highly beneficial for all human beings. Here are some benefits that can make you comprehend how beneficial a facial recognition system is:

1. Enhanced public safety 

Law enforcement is a primary key for our safety at work and public places. With the facial recognition systems, police and security agencies access images and videos from several different sources such as mobile, CCTV cameras, and in-vehicle cameras. The image and video process helps security agencies and police to identify the ill-minded people and effectively speed up investigations. 

2. Contact less access and authentication 

With each passing day, the need for contactless and fast access and authentication to premises is increasing. Apart from biometrics, businesses and government agencies are using facial recognition systems for fast and secure access to premises. The systems are highly accurate, faster, and contactless means to access premises. They do not allow unauthorised people to enter a place by matching the data with the stored one. 

3. Seamless integration and faster processing 

Whether you want to use this facial recognition system in the transport, aviation, security, or retail sector, it is easy to integrate with the existing system. You can execute the integration process at a lower cost when compared to manual identification of faces and allowing people to enter a premise. 

Faster processing is the key benefit that makes this system a helpful tool for a concerned authority. The system takes lower time to process and display the data as per the requested input/query. It happens as the system keeps image/video processing automatically and stores the same for the future need.  

4. Higher accuracy 

Facial recognition systems provide higher accuracy in a place with low light. There is no compromise in its accuracy if a person or vehicle is moving in a place/on a street. The system keeps the concerned authority updated with real-time information and sends alerts if there is something wrong. 

5. Other features 

From each angle, facial recognition systems are highly beneficial. These systems can capture images and videos in lower resolution. The image resolution could be as low as 24 pixels. As a concerned authority, you can use it for facial based attendance. It allows you to use a person’s face as a password and provide visitor tracking and access control. 


Using a facial recognition system is today’s need for enhanced safety and security. It makes recognition of people easier for an event. Further, it makes travel safer for travellers. From parking to workplaces and markets and allied public places, you can use such systems for better surveillance and safety.  

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