July 19, 2024
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How Gift Card Box Protects Your Gift From The Environmental factors? 

Gifts are the slight tints of remembrance; packaging them to arrive in an intact form is critically important. Sometimes, it would be challenging to figure out an optimal design that is not overboard or a waste of materials. A gift card box is a great blessing and perfect cushion for keeping the gift cards protected throughout. From contamination to physical impacts, it resists all damages with no deformation in the design. Like all other boxes, it can also protect up to a specific limit. But, the specialty of getting designed according to product prerequisites is tremendously helpful to keep up the intactness of gift cards. 

Absolute Sturdiness:

Whether a product would retain its original form or not amidst the shipping challenges depends on packaging strength. A weak box cannot prevent its design deformation; how will it protect the inside items? Gift card packaging is strengthened or reinforced ideally upon manufacturing durable cardboard. The thickness of the cardboard varies from 60lb to 400 lb, which allows you to select the desired strength as per particular requirements. If the stacking load is more, you can reinforce the packaging with a higher cardboard thickness. This increases the load-bearing capacity of packaging and resists the damage of sensitive pressures. Even when the load is more elevated and concentrated, the packaging does not experience any wear or tear. This defiance against the physical stressors enables the gift cards to stay optimal. 

Avoid Excessive Mishandling:

Gift cards are usually made from soft materials that make them highly vulnerable to damage. Box them in ordinary packaging, and you would shortly notice that these cards tend to collide with the box’s walls. The conventional packaging options are a loose fit and are not tailored according to the permissible product dimensions. 

With custom gift card boxes, you stand a chance to design a perfect-fit structure that stops unnecessary movement. The personalization of the boxes with custom inserts is another option available to you in this aspect. Doing so helps you avoid the collision of gift cards with the sturdy walls of the packages. The inserts are custom-made to fit in the cards perfectly well. The corners or edges of the cards stay intact, while the printing effects also remain as it is. The inserts also elevate the customer experiences when personalized with specific messages and quotes. 

Keep Moisture Away:

Direct exposure of the gift cards to moisture has a damaging effect. As the cards are made from paper mostly, the water gets absorbed into the cellulose fibers. This will impact on the quality of cards because the fibers increase in size. The printed messages and graphics on the cards tend to disappear this way. Custom gift card packaging is an ideal option to keep moisture away from the cards. On its own, the packaging is not capable enough to resist the higher contents of humidity and moisture. But, it gets a slippery texture when layered with special PP and PE films. The surface of slick makes it impossible for the moisture content to seep into the cellulose fibers of cardboard. Other than the moisture, the packaging also helps prevent the access of outside air or heat to the gift cards. 

Help Withstand Crushing:

The proposed rigidity of the packaging is a measure of whether it can withstand the crushing effects or not. Take a quick look around the industry, and you will soon find out that more straightforward packaging options are vulnerable to crushing. If the packaging is itself prone to damaging impacts, how can it assure the perfect safety and protection of your gift cards? It may help you save packaging costs, but you cannot make a solid first impression that justifies the price point of your gifts. 

Custom gift card boxes are reinforced with flutes or, more precisely, corrugation. These flutes have a wave-like structure glued with the paperboard to form the corrugated board. This fine structure creates air columns that impart a higher rigidity to the packages. The result is that they do not fail when subjected to higher load applications which are usual in shipping aspects. 

No-Risk Of Toxins:

Toxins are harmful substances and are produced through germs such as bacteria. With custom gift card packaging, there is no risk of germs. This is because they are built from cardboard that is a perfectly germ-free material. The germs tend to stay concisely on the cardboard compared to other materials like glass and plastic. In the making of cardboard, bundles of paper sheets are joined together through special heat treatment. The temperature range during this treatment is from 90 to 95 Celsius. This temperature application cleanses the cardboard from all the germs that can prove fatal for the consumers. 

Many hazards are encountered when the gift cards are finally shipped to the customers’ doors. A gift card box is a worthwhile investment to keep them protected throughout the supply chain. Besides being a stand-out shipping option, it also paves your way towards an impeccable presentation that encourages more noticeability. 

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