April 20, 2024

How to Pack Puja Items During Household Transportation

Household transportation has a lot of branches attached to it. Just like you are worried about the packing and moving bedroom, kitchen, study items, in the same way, some of us may be worried about moving puja items as well.

Some of us take our puja room very seriously. Leave alone shifting these items entirely, even moving them within the premises calls for astrology inspection. This is a work of great responsibility and you must take great care of it. Are you worried about shifting the items in your puja room to another location entirely? Then lookout for a few ways to deal with this situation.

Tips to Move Puja Items During Household transportation

If you are looking forward to household transportation, then don’t be worried about maintaining the sanctity of the puja items. Here, are a few tips that will help you in packing and moving your puja items while you are moving. Following these tips will help in the smooth relocation of these items and you will be able to move them without any accidents.

Ask a Priest for a Good Date

Leave alone moving the puja room, but to shift to another location you need to look at a favorable date. Indians have always given utmost importance to the time. There is a time for everything, especially when you are planning for something auspicious. If you want your new place to be favorable for you, then plan things accordingly.

It will be best to get a good date and time from an astrologer for shifting the house and the sacred items. Doing so will ensure that you don’t do any mistakes while packing and moving such things to the new place. The astrologer will provide two-three dates, pick any one of them that is easy for you.

Clean the Puja Items

Next comes the list of sacred puja items. No matter how hard we try, we get a dozen of sacred items in our room for worship. The idols and photos of our Gods that we worship daily, the items used for worshiping them, utensils, etc. may only take one cardboard box, but they require you to pack them properly.

Before packing them, ensure that all the items are cleaned and dusted thoroughly. When you do that, you gain the confidence to move forward with the procedure. This step also helps in laying a smooth layout for the other procedure that comes next. Take each and every one of them and clean them using a wet wipe or a clean micro-fiber napkin. It is best if you could do this after taking a quick shower.

Categorize Them

As you clean them, you will get a rough idea as to what will go where. There is the idol of God, items used for worship, and the utensils used for worshipping. These are the three main categories that you need to sort all the items in. As soon as you do that, the rest of the things become so easy.

When you categorize them according to the material or texture, it becomes easy to pack them accordingly. You do that and you are all set to move the Puja room items.

Take Care of Packing

Categorizing the items helps you in deciding how to pack each one of them and how many packing boxes you will need, of which sizes. This is a very important step as it will decide how well these items will reach their destination. When you categorize the things in the puja room, you have idols and photos to pack. For this, you can wrap them up with brown paper followed by bubble wrap. If you are not confident enough to pack them, then let the packers and movers handle the process.

Next when you are dealing with the worship materials, then make sure it doesn’t have any inflammable items such as matchbox, oil, camphor, etc. You must leave them behind as the mover and packer don’t take it with the rest of the items. rest other items you can pack in ziplock pouches so that they don’t spill. In case of any liquid items such as rose water, Gangajal, etc. you will have to pack them specifically. Take a round-shaped, small plastic sheet and put it in the mouth of the bottle. After that put the cap of the bottle and secure it tightly. This way, you are all set for moving them without causing any spillage.

To pack the utensils, you need to decide what kind of material it is made of. If they are made of metal, you can simply wrap them in the newspaper and put them in the box. In case you are using utensils made of ceramics, or china, then it will be best if you could give it a second layer of wrapping using bubble wrap.

Label the Items Properly

A very important step of the packing process is to label the items properly. As soon as you pack the items and put them in a box don’t forget to label them correctly. This is important for you as well as the packers and movers to decide what is in the box. As you know that some of the items in the box are fragile, so keeping them properly marked will help in getting the right treatment. You can also make an inventory list so that, you don’t get confused later.

Talk to the Mover and Packer

Packer and mover play a significant role in delivering these items safely to their destination. Talking to the team dealing with these items will help them take care of the items carefully. When you tell them what exactly the box contains, they take special care in loading and unloading the box. The team will label it according to their code and maintain dignity while handling it. So, it is important to convey your concerns to the moving company, when it comes to shifting the sacred items. Rest everything will proceed smoothly, there won’t be much to worry about.

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