April 20, 2024

Interesting Secrets to Know for Making Attractive Corrugated Boxes for Shipping

The usage of custom packaging solutions is becoming a new trend in the world of the packaging industry. You will encounter various sectors using Corrugated Boxes at an enormous level. Corrugated packaging boxes are becoming prevalent to give the product an attractive representing outlook.

Hence, this packaging gives the product an appealing look on the retail shelves. It even protects your product for transportation or shipping purposes. To let your packaging look attractive, you can add it with exciting graphics and high-quality printing work.

Corrugate box packaging has always remained the first choice of brand owners, both small and big. They add your product with appealing effects to motivate the customer to visit your store repeatedly.

Right through this whole guide, we will guide you about how you can make creative corrugated packaging boxes for shipping. Let’s have a look below:

Selection of Durable Material

The very first thing to be careful about is the excellent selection of long-lasting and durable material. It will hence help if you look for a material that depends on your product needs. The majority of the corrugate boxes are made from corrugate material. This material is highly durable. But it even let your product to stay protected in all conditions.

Some of the big manufacturing companies even somehow use pinewood material. This eventually adds to the whole packaging with some classy results. It hence let the product stay safe from moisture or extra pressure. Plus, it hence even protects the product from any external damage. For delicate items, the use of simple corrugate material will work best.

Know your product Dimensions

Hence, this is a crucial step to consider when designing your packaging custom boxes. Measure the dimensions carefully before you design a suitable box packaging. Make sure your selected box packaging should be following your product dimension.

You have to yet keep a margin of at least one-inch length in your final dimensions. Hence, this will eventually enable the brand manufacturer to fit the product into the packaging box easily. This won’t be causing any damage. Plus, it even gives you extra space to add some insertion.

Starting the process to create custom boxes

It might be somehow a little tedious for the newbie to design the corrugated wholesale boxes on their own. You should know the basics of designing. This will help you to finish the whole project successfully. When it comes to learning the basics, the first aspect is choosing the printing method.

Printing techniques are available in different variations. They are extremely best to give your product extra protection. At the same time, it even adds it with an excellent opening experience. Manufacturers usually prefer to look for the unique and latest trends.

Search a Reliable Custom Packaging Box Manufacturer

It would yet help if you were careful about selecting the manufacturing company involved in the box designing. Different companies are hence available in the market, and each has its customs to design the packaging box. Some companies also offer some bulk orders in which discount offers are also given to the customers.

High-quality Customization and Great Printing Options

It is just through the attractive printing with which you can add the wholesale packaging with an eye-catching effect. The only difference that makes all the custom boxes different is the printing work. Try to look for some creative and innovative printing types.

If you use the Custom Boxes for branding purposes, don’t forget to include them with the company logo. Fascinating patterns and innovative graphics will end the whole box classy looking. Plus, you also have the choice to print some extra information on the box. The information should be about your product and company. Currently, digital and offset printing are the two most common printing methods.

Plus, apart from printing, you can often look for some customization options. Hence, this can be either in the form of including sticker or custom tape. Accordingly, the customization option can serve you in different ways. Hence, you can choose to add the box with various color options and innovative designs.

Logo Printing on Boxes for Brand Advertisement 

You can often use corrugated packaging for advertisement/branding purposes to let the customer know what your brand is about. This is the main reason that today’s packaging solution has become an effective tool for marketing any brand or product.

On the corrugate box packaging, you can insert the brand logo or tagline to make your brand prominent in marketplaces. But the printing of the logo in unique designs is extremely important. The logo should be in giant font work with colorful bright shades. Make it look as much prominent and noticeable as you can.

Use of Insert Filler Durable Material

Last but not least, you should fully add the custom packaging with the creative use of some filler material. You have to insert this material inside the box. Hence, you can look for various alternates. This can be packing peanuts, bubble wrap, or support cushions.

They are best to give your product extra protection. But it even adds it with an excellent opening experience. You should add specific filler material based on product requirements. Well, this is how your custom packaging box is all set to ship around. Remember that the customer will always be attracted to your brand if they find the product packaging available with innovative variations.


Let your product be shipped safely and without facing any damage with the help of Custom Corrugated Boxes. Let’s create awesome custom boxes for the finest product display. We are sure that with this guide, you must have got enough information about why corrugate box packaging is becoming so popular.

Corrugate box packaging is among the leading packaging solutions for protecting your product during shipping against cracks. If not cardboard and Kraft, choosing corrugate is the best option. Opt for the corrugate box designs to add your product display with a fascinating and great appearance to target more customers.

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