June 15, 2024

How does Dubai Desert Safari Develop Overtime?

Desert safari Dubai developed over the years from being a simple desert safari to being part of the best tour activities in Dubai. This excursion has become one of the most popular tourist attractions, which offers a lot more than just driving through dunes and taking pictures with camels. In the past, it was simple, without many attractions and dinner parties. However, with more activities, the number of days for safari also increased. While the basic concept of Dubai Desert Safari remains the same.

Activities in Dubai Desert Safari

Today, the desert safari itinerary includes a camel ride, a 4-wheel drive dune bashing experience, and a late-night barbecue where you can meet with the local bedouins. All of these events are usually held over two days. Day one is mostly about visiting the desert, while on the second one, participants enjoy cultural activities in Dubai after visiting the desert. In the past, only overnight tours were available for those who wanted to stay out there for some time. But now people can also opt for a day tour of Desert Safari, which starts from 5 p.m and ends the early morning of the next day.

In addition to traditional activities, though not included in the cost of the tour, tourists can also choose to go snorkeling and do other fun activities available at other tour operators.

 Camping out in the desert is one of the unique experiences for tourists who are visiting Dubai. However, despite being an exciting experience, it can be pretty uncomfortable too, so many prefer to stay in a comfortable resort in the city instead. Most people who enjoy this luxury choose to go on overnight tours, while some book a day tour package.

Desert safari dubai

How does the Dubai Desert transform?

In 1992, it was just a desert with camels as the only attraction. In 2003, there were more dunes and a camel racetrack. In 2008, an entertainment village was known as “Dreamland” was added to the safari, followed by sand skiing in 2009. Today’s Desert Safari Dubai is slightly different from what it used to be earlier. Instead of having a classic experience, it offers many more attractions besides dune bashing and camping out.

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What makes it so popular?


Its location in the Arabian Desert close to the beautiful city of Dubai had made it one of the most sought-after tourist destinations since 1992 when the first camp was opened for tourists.


There are many activities offered and classic ones like Sand riding and camel ride. The activities include camel race, 4-wheel drive dune bashing, quad biking, etc. that have attracted more participants in recent years.


With most of the activities included in Desert safari Dubai, it does not cost much. A basic tour package includes all these activities and costs less than what you would pay for an organized trip to the desert on your own.


The climate is pleasant throughout the year, making it a perfect option for spending holidays during any season without worrying about extreme weather conditions.


Considering that this is one of the most visited tourist attractions, hotels and restaurants offer top-notch facilities and services to make sure tourists enjoy their stay here while also offering safe rentals like 4-wheel drive vehicles and motorbikes.


Many companies are offering the desert safari package, and each of them has a group of customers who prefer to go with them. Many travelers arrive in the city from different countries, making it easy for these desert safari operators to provide packages according to different requirements from different countries.


The best part about going for a desert safari in Dubai is not worrying about transportation. All major hotels, resorts, and campsites offer their transport service, which visitors can use during their stay in the city. This makes it easier for people visiting from other locations, too, as they do not have to find transportation when staying in the desert.


Dubai Desert offers a combination of the natural environment and man-made activities to give visitors a memorable experience they will remember for the rest of their lives. With years passing by, it’s becoming an exceptional spot not just for leisure but also for weddings or other family functions.

Entertainment Village

Visitors wanting complete entertainment during their visit can opt for tours that include spending a few hours at “Dreamland” village. They can enjoy various activities, including Bedouin dancing, henna tattooing, and watching magic shows, among many others.

Final Words

Desert Safari Dubai is a trendy place recommended by tourists and offers a lot more than classic dune bashing and camping out. With modern facilities like 4-wheel drive vehicles, quad bikes, etc. It’s now not only an adventure destination but also a family picnic spot where you can relax with your family without worrying about anything.

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