April 20, 2024

Best Things to Do in Brasilia, Brazil

It was a dream come true to visit Brazil. My expectations were significantly exceeded by the wide beaches, gorgeous weather, and Brazil’s party culture! To be honest, arranging our trip was a little intimidating. Brazil is a massive country! In reality, it is larger than Australia (which I did not realise until I arrived.) 

For us, we were able to spend more than two months in Brazil. That gave us time to explore, travel without a set agenda, and discover some incredible hidden gems. Most visitors, including yourself, will not have two months. 

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1. sand dunes in Natal

For most visitors, northeaster Brazil is considerably off the beaten path. However, those who travel this far will be able to appreciate a really distinct and beautiful culture (as well as considerably lower rates)! This is due to the fact that Brazil’s northeast is a considerably poorer region than the south, but the culture, good feelings, and fun are very much alive. Natal was one of the nicest tours we did in northeast Brazil. Natal is a small city with adjoining sand dunes that serve as a great playground for dune buggies.

2. Iguazu Falls

Iguazu Falls is the most magnificent waterfall I’ve ever seen. This big (and I mean massive!) cascade consists of 275 waterfalls spanning 2.7 kilometres (1.7 miles). The 275 waterfalls are followed by a lush, verdant jungle. You may visit Iguazu Falls from either Brazil or Argentina because the falls span both countries. The best view of Iguazu Falls is from the Brazilian side. However, you can get closer to the falls and look down the Devil’s Throat from the Argentine side of Iguazu Falls.

3. Chapada Diamantina National Park

Chapada Diamantina National Park, located six hours by bus east of Salvador, is a little-known Brazilian national park. When visiting Chapada Diamantina National Park, there are several popular excursions available. We paid about $160 USD for a trip that brought us to all of these destinations over three days. This $69 USD Caves Full Day Tour is another popular tour choice that takes less time. It has six different stops, one of which is Morro Do Pai Inacio!

4. Carnival in Brazil

Brazil is host to the world’s largest celebration… Carnival! Carnival in Brazil, held every year at the end of February, is the wildest party you can imagine multiplied by ten. Then I went to Rio de Janeiro for the true Carnival madness. It’s difficult to tell which I favoured because each location was distinct in its own way, but overall, Rio is unbeatable! Carnival is celebrated in Brazil with what are “bloco” parties and parades. These are free and can be on city streets. In Rio, for example, there can be up to 30 bloco parties in one day, with some starting as early as 7 a.m.

5. Ilha Grande

We needed some recuperation and time to ourselves after celebrating somewhat too hard in Rio. So, like many Brazilians, we headed to Ilha Grande, a small island near Rio de Janeiro. With its gorgeous beaches and crystal-clear waters, Ilha Grande is a real island paradise. We had a fantastic six-night stay on Ilha Grande! This boat tour, which departs from Angra dos Reis and visits the north side of Ilha Grande, was the best we experienced. We saw numerous lovely beaches and had lunch at a local restaurant throughout the excursion. 

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6. Hike in Rio

Hiking isn’t very popular in Brazil, and I failed to perform a great deal of it when I had been there. In contrast, the Two Brothers walk in Rio de Janeiro proved the high point of my trip. You observe a great deal of the town from this location, and the vistas are a must-see in Rio! The Two Brothers Viewpoint is about 40 minutes from the trail’s start. You’ll be able to witness many sights along the way, including the Rocinha Favela, the world’s second-largest favela.

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